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Tips On How To Recognize Dangerous Herbs

As part of the original tradition of Indonesia, herbal medicine is still a favorite product of society. If you are one of these nutritious product connoisseur, surely appalling to know a lot of herbal medicine products chemical-based drugs that are harmful to health.

Recognize Dangerous Herbs

According to Chairman Charles Saerang, GP Jamu, most people are consuming herbal medicine Indonesia for 3 things, namely to remove weariness, increase stamina, and slimming. That is, a mainstay enough herbs to get better health quality.

Then how do I differentiate natural herbs with medicinal herbs with medicinal chemicals? Antoni Tarigan, researchers from the Health Consumer Empowerment Foundation Indonesia (YPKKI) says, it is kind of hard to distinguish natural herbs with medicinal chemistry-based drugs (BKO). "But by looking at the packaging may be able to help set it apart," Tarigan said in a news conference Friday (30/1/2013) yesterday in Jakarta

Although the packaging of dangerous herbs often falsified the number of forbidden, but the name of the product and the industry that produces a visible herbs need to look out for. "Normally an herbal medicine named strange, like the BKO, daughter of Sakti, the arc of fire, the spearhead of the Dayak. The packaging also illustrated the organs, whereas it is not allowed. For herbal medicine enhancing stamina, often shown images of vulgarity and erotic, "he said.

In addition to the features above, we recommend that you also don't pick herbs that no captions with speaking in Indonesia, because it can be ensured that no passing control herbal medicine Agency food and drug Watchdog (BPOM).

Ambassadors of Indonesia, Ratna Listy Herbs were also voiced to give tips in selecting safe natural herbal medicine. "Herbal medicine is a natural herb, its effects take a long time to be felt by the body. So don't choose herbs that cespleng drank, "he said.

Chemical odor on the herbs can also be an indication of jamu BKO, he added. He acknowledged his sadness at Indonesia's community love herbs instead utilized by the industry that manufactures herbal medicine BKO. "We have to each other side by side in the fight against jamu BKO, one of them with the socialization of jamu BKO at the whole community," he said.