• 5 Confusion surrounding the benefits of coconut water

    Coconut water, let alone young is often made into drinks the thirst of disassembly. It's just that, not a few lay people who drink coconut water with any other purpose. There is a mention about coconut water can decrease the weight, improves kidney function, to treat allergies. Really?

  • 5 ways to make use of Clove

    Clove or clove is native to Indonesia and used as a condiment of spicy cuisine in countries of Europe, and as the main ingredient in typical cigarettes Indonesia.

  • 6 Nutritious Drinks Help Decrease Tension

    There are two risk factors related to the emergence of high blood pressure (hypertension) that can not be controlled i.e. age and disease in the family history (Genetics).

  • 7 That is Natural to Increase Libido

    Long before discovered the drugs, such as viagra arousal Enhancer and the like, of human history records several types of foodstuffs and beverages are believed to be able to crank up the sex, the asparagus, coffee and ginseng. In fact, there are snacks that need passion Enhancer a try.

  • Accelerate Saintification Herbalism

    The Ministry of health encourages the acceleration of the process of saintificatin herbal medicine. Thus, the public can have a complementary medicine as well as nutritious and safe alternative.

  • Chiropractic for kids, safe is?

    Lately complaints healing methods by hand or spine chiropractic is increasingly recognized. This method is claimed to be safe for anyone, and the baby boy was no exception.

  • Cumin Black ARV Drugs for Potential HIV/AIDS

    Heksan extracts of black cumin seed (Nigella sativa Lor) developed as potential in people with imunodefisiensi like imunomodulator patients infected with HIV-AIDS are experiencing a decrease in the number of CD4 cells

  • Insect Repellent Zodia Extracts

    Insect repellent with chemicals can disrupt health if used in a prolonged period of time. In an effort to find an alternative, two sman 2 Holy Hayuningtyas Prihananti, Dian and the Holy Cahyaningtyas Ba'dzazani, make insect repellent from plant zodia (Evodia suaveolens).

  • Sugar Could Be A Wound Healer

    Sugar may be used as an alternative healer of wounds. A small study conducted by nurses and doctors in the United Kingdom investigated the effects of sugar for the treatment of wounds which is a recipe of a family of hereditary, as reported by the BBC.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Best Newborn Photo Shoot EVER

This is baby Brydon.

This is baby Brydon.
Teresa Raczynski / parkavenue.photography

And this is his family’s set of newborn puppies.

And this is his family's set of newborn puppies.
Teresa Raczynski / parkavenue.photography

The entire California crew — little Brydon + the litter of nine pals — were born on the exact same day this past summer.

The entire California crew — little Brydon + the litter of nine pals — were born on the exact same day this past summer.
Teresa Raczynski / parkavenue.photography
Mom Kami told ABC News that the family’s dog, Delia, was supposed to have puppies two days before Kami’s own due date — but that timing would ultimately have it otherwise. “While at the hospital, my dad called to let us know that Delia had started having puppies,” Kami said.

When the group were only six days old, photographer Teresa Raczynski of Park Avenue Photography snapped these photos for the family.

When the group were only six days old, photographer Teresa Raczynski of Park Avenue Photography snapped these photos for the family.
Teresa Raczynski / parkavenue.photography
“It was super fun,” Raczynski told BuzzFeed Life of the shoot. She said both Brydon and the puppies nearly slept through the entire thing — until the last few moments when Brydon woke up, surrounded by his new four-legged pals.

“I thought, let’s have him hug one and see what happens,” said Raczynski. “Sure enough, he looked right at me — which made for an adorable shot.”

"I thought, let's have him hug one and see what happens," said Raczynski. "Sure enough, he looked right at me — which made for an adorable shot."
Teresa Raczynski / parkavenue.photography

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Healthy Recipes - Red pepper and fennel frittata

Red pepper and fennel frittata

 Healthy recipes of Red pepper and fennel frittata

Ingredients - Directions of Red pepper and fennel frittata

Ingredients - Directions of Red pepper and fennel frittata

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Red pepper and fennel frittata

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Healthy Snack for Your Snacking Time

In this modern world where everything is getting faster and busier, health is one thing that often forgotten by the people. They often trapped in unhealthy lifestyle that can endanger their health like having unhealthy food like instant food or fast food for the meal. It is unhealthy because it contains high cholesterol and saturated fat. This can cause health problem and for the worst condition, cancer will be on the top of the list. People who are having very high level of daily activity are often too busy to prepare themselves a nice and healthy meal. They just simply do not have much time to cook and prepare food for themselves. Because of this, they often eat outside on the restaurant where the nutrition is cannot be fully controlled by themselves.

For busy people, they often love to eat snacks during the work because sometime they are just do not have much time for them to make their own snack and only eating chips and cookies that is not too healthy if it consumed every day. If you are this kind of person that starts to aware about the health of the snack that you are consumed, you might try the quick healthy snacks menu for your daily snacking. With quick healthy snacks, you can make healthy snack on your own in an instant without taking too much of your precious time. It will be easy to make and very instant. You just need to spend less than 20 minutes to make the snacks.

There are so many menu that you can take for your quick healthy snacks. First, maybe you can take a look in this apple sandwich. This is very easy to make because you only need apples and sliced them and throw away the core. After that, you can add peanut, almond or chocolate chip in the middle. It is very easy and instant. Other than that, you can also have tortilla chips and use salsa as the sauce dressing. This is easy, fast and healthy. However, if you feel that you love cooking and look for more delicate menu, you can try muffin that stuffed with tuna and melted cheese or if you are a vegetarian, you can have salad with light dressing for the afternoon snack. One thing that you need to remember is that making sure the snack is low in carbohydrate. With this, you can eat the snacks as much as you want without fear of health problem. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Orthorexia, an obsession on healthy foods

Keep your intake of healthy food is important so that we avoid disease and obesity. But do not let it become an obsession because it can harm health.

Orthorexia or obsession on healthy foods is a new term to describe someone who is so obsessed on a perfect diet and treated with hygienic, as well as set up a schedule and takarannya.

Women are the most vulnerable group in this disorder orthorexia. Perhaps this is because there are demands for the womenfolk to always appear to ideal fit and stature.

Actually, what is wrong with paying attention to what we eat? Does not exist, but if it has become an obsession and demanding perfection, then we will become stressed and ends thus interfere with health.

Underwent a strict diet will also make the body lack essential nutrients which is actually needed.

There are several types of foods that are often avoided by people with orthorexia, among other dairy products, meat, and eggs, too. Remove the food from the list of daily intake will make the body lacks vitamin B12 needed for brain function and red blood cell production.

Foods that come from whole grains and contains gluten also often avoided. Whole grains are actually contains essential minerals, such as magnesium for healthy bones and nerves, or manganese for healthy liver function.

In addition to that included in the fatty foods that are "haram" for people with orthorexia. In fact, good quality fats found in olive oil, fatty and beans, the body is required. This type of fat makes skin healthy and protects vital organs.
The consumption of enough fat also makes the stomach feel full longer and help the absorption of fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and D.

The obsession on something, including a healthy eating pattern, means you are putting yourself in a continuous stress. This can trigger stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

Normally, only the taken out stress hormones when we encounter a situation that threatens to increase energy supply so that we act quickly. But when our minds believe there is a constant threat, even small amounts of stress hormones, would interfere with the digestive system, reproductive system, as well as the growth process.

We recommend that you consult your doctor before you run nutrition diet regimens. Do not allow excessive fears on unhealthy foods thus making you increasingly unhealthy.

Not Necessarily Sports Make Stump Muscles

Vigorous exercise, especially doing weight training, is regarded as the primary way to build muscle. But scientists said otherwise. Sport muscle formation is not necessarily successful on everyone.
Scientists from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, said, about a quarter of people cannot develop their muscles only through sport. Moreover, in terms of preventing slack the muscles due to the influence of the age.

"During this time the experts mentioned that slack the muscles along with the age of more caused due to lack of sports activities," said Jamie Timmons, a Professor of sport and the health system.

He explains, the sport does provide good benefits to some people, but also people who pretty much can't defend his power of practicing the sport only. Research conducted this link between Timmons find the sports and the aging process on the muscles.

In fact, a sport with a high-impact test could be counterproductive in some people. About 10 percent of people who regularly exercise thus experiencing hypertension and diabetes due to their exercise regimens.

Timmon said there is no one approach to measure that applies equally to all people. He explained that there are people who are healthier with just a focus on diet and sleep patterns.

The results of such research are indeed contrary to the 2011 study published in the journal Physicians and Sport medicine. In a study that linked between regular exercise and decrease the muscle tones in the elderly.