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5 Confusion surrounding the benefits of coconut water

Coconut water, let alone young is often made into drinks the thirst of disassembly. It's just that, not a few lay people who drink coconut water with any other purpose. There is a mention about coconut water can decrease the weight, improves kidney function, to treat allergies. Really?

coconut water

Coconut water, in particular, young coconut water has long been known as a healthy drink. It is protected by a hard shell and a thick coir, made into a drink coconut water is sterile. Free from contamination.

According to Prof. Dr. Made Astawan, MS, in General, coconut water contains 2.6 percent sugar, 0.55 percent protein, 0.74 percent, 0.46 percent fat and minerals. Types of sugar contained is glucose, fructose, and sucrose.

There are several different kinds of coconut which has a 3 percent sugar levels on coconut water, and 5.1 percent in young coconut water. "That's what caused the young coconut juice tasted sweeter compared to coconut water is old," said Made.

High Potassium

In the coconut water also contains amino acids and vitamins. Young coconut water also contains the phytochemical components of tannin. Tannins are antibacterial that will inhibit the growth of bacteria.
Most minerals are potassium with 730 mg per 100 grams of young coconut water, which is quite a lot of magnesium, sodium and chloride, versus the amount is very little. The composition of the drink with the ratio of potassium (potassium) against a high sodium are extremely beneficial for health.

The composition of the substance its nutrition value approaching isotonik fluid, which according to the bodily fluids. Isotonik drink is expected to replace minerals lost through sweat body during sports activities or other activities. It's just that, people who actively work out needs to be careful about the use of coconut water as electrolyte drinks.

They should know what kind of sport is done and duration. When is sport weight, say aerobics for 3 hours without stopping, the body will lose a lot of sodium. Coconut water consumption cannot be offset against the body needs sodium. None other because sodium in coconut water just a bit. If this happens, the body could be lack of sodium. As a result, the muscle cannot contract properly. Heart rate and the body organs function will be interrupted. Worst risk? You can swoon.

However, if the sports do not belong to the weight, such as brisk walking for 1 hour or beryoga for example, drinking coconut water is not a problem. The requirement, the mineral-water consumption remains normal.
Things like this should be straightened out and be noticed by lay people so that they cannot mistakenly understood it. There are at least 5 things wrong more about coconut water that needs to be straightened out.

1. help lose weight

It is often disalahmengertikan by most people. Drinking coconut water is excessive can actually cause diarrhea. Indeed it looks-once it's weight is reduced. However, this is not the right way to get healthy and weight of the body ideal. In contrast, coconut water can be used as a stimulant for those with constipation because it can help launch a channel of cerna.

2. More nutritious vegetables instead of full cream milk

This assumption is not true. Compared with coconut water, milk (both full cream or not) are rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, and sugar. In addition, milk also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B complex, vitamin D, calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. While coconut water contains only a few minerals.

3 help your immune system

There is no scientific literature that proves that coconut water makes the immune system becomes better and also helps the body fight off some viruses cause disease. Immune system in the body is a very complex system.

The only way to boost the immune system is an nutrients obtained from a variety of food. That could give a complete nutritional support is through food intake with balanced nutrition.

4. help prevent kidney stones

The first thing that can be done to prevent the formation of kidney stones is enough water consumption or fluids. The fluid can be obtained from coconut water, mineral water, and more. There is some truth in that water, either. coconut water or mineral water, can prevent the onset of the formation of kidney stones. It's just that, coconut water can not cure kidney stones.

5. restore the Vertigo caused by drunk

As potted consuming alcoholic beverages in excess must be immediately neutralized. The trick with a drink of water, both of mineral water or coconut water. In fact, to relieve dizziness due to motion sickness, you should drink water that contains sugar. Purpose is to make the sugar can quickly enter into arrangement of nerve center and takes over the body attachment on alcohol. Thus, the negative effects of a hangover can be neutralized.