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Accelerate Saintification Herbalism

The Ministry of health encourages the acceleration of the process of saintificatin herbal medicine. Thus, the public can have a complementary medicine as well as nutritious and safe alternative.


It said Nafsiah Mboi Health Minister at the inauguration of the House of herbs and Research Training Building Science of medicinal plants and herbal medicine as well as the surrender of a certificate of herbs, Thursday (31/1). "Involve more colleges and the private sector. There are thousands of herb in Indonesia needs to be proved and improved security for health, "said Nafsiah Balai Besar in medicinal plants and traditional medicine in Tawangmangu, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java.

According to him, the end of the 2015 targeted 20 percent of the district/city has two clinics that serve traditional medicine, complementary, and alternative.

Previously, the Agency's head of research and development, Ministry of health, Health Trihono States, saintification medicine process takes two years. Of the four formulas of herbs researched, there are already two scientific proof formula, namely herbs high blood pressure and gout. "The bond Requirement for Indonesia saintifikasi herbal medicine Doctor is very heavy. Hopefully as time goes on more and more scientifically proven medicinal formulas thus increasing confidence in doctors and more research time is short, "said Trihono.

Two types of herbs that have a certificate from the National Commission on Saintification herbal medicine as well as stated is proven safe and efficacious. The research includes the standardization of toxicity test on animals, try, observation, and clinical testing clinic. The composition of the herbs high blood pressure are celery, leaf cat whiskers, leaf, Rhizome temulawak pegagan, turmeric, rhizome and meniran. As for the composition of the herbal medicine gout is caesalpinia sappan wood tempuyung, leaves, leaf, Rhizome temulawak kepel, turmeric, rhizome and meniran herbs.

According to Trihono, from medicinal plants and herbal medicine research in 2012 involving 25 colleges obtained 6,379 species of medicinal plants, 783 species have been identified.