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Chiropractic for kids, safe is?

Lately complaints healing methods by hand or spine chiropractic is increasingly recognized. This method is claimed to be safe for anyone, and the baby boy was no exception.

Chiropractic for kids

Chiropractic comes from Greece, language and meaning practos chiros are done by hand. Therefore, this method is relatively safe for children, especially for maintaining the health of the spine.

"This method can be done by anyone who has a backbone, including the two-week-old baby," said dr.Inez, chiropractic practitioner in an event organised by the talkshow Kidzania and PT. MHisamitsu Pharma Indonesia in Jakarta, Wednesday (13/2/13).

Inez added a backbone is a body part that is very important because in this section there are the so-called Center nerve in the spinal Medulla. "Disturbance or a change in the function of the spine will be arthritis of the nervous system," said chiropractor Chiropractic of Citralife.

Chiropractic method is done by doing a correction with the push of the spine and joints of the body in order to become straight to relieve pressure on the nerve flow. Therapy is done only by hand and assistance tool to compress the spine.

"Basically, the human body has the ability to heal itself. Chiropractic is a function of the help the body recognize the correct position so that the healing process faster, "he said.

Spinal disorder primarily occurs due to incorrect posture, trauma, or has been dropped.

"In children, their bones have fused so that if they often fall, a segment of the tail bone shifted and could disrupt hantaran nerves. It can also make the child frequently incontinent, "he explained.

Chiropractic therapy can do for healing or keep the spinal function. "Abnormalities in the spine is often unconscious parents, know the big turns out to have scoliosis. Therefore the need to early detection, "he said.