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Cumin Black ARV Drugs for Potential HIV/AIDS

Heksan extracts of black cumin seed (Nigella sativa Lor) developed as potential in people with imunodefisiensi like imunomodulator patients infected with HIV-AIDS are experiencing a decrease in the number of CD4 cells, the word Akrom m. Kes, lecturer at the Faculty of pharmacy University of Ahmad Dahlan in Yogyakarta.

Cumin Black ARV Drugs

"Black cumin seed heksan Extract (EHBJH) could be developed as an agent of chemo preventive antikarsinogenesis through sitoprotektif and antioxidant mechanism of the imunomodulator," he said in an open exam promotion doctorate in Faculty of medicine, Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Monday (4/2/2013).

According to him, the effect can increase the CD4 lymphocyte EHBJH, CD8, IFNgamma, and hematoprotektor levels. The success of black cumin seeds increased the number of CD4 and CD8 cells as well as the impact on the population of CD4CD25Treg cells gives hope in patients HIV-AIDS patients undergoing antiretroviral (ARV) therapy as adjuvant therapy.

"Even though new research laboratory scale through the provision of heksan of black cumin seed extracts on rats, known to timokuinon has the effect of chemo preventive antikarsinogenesis in mice even able to lose 81-97 percent death rate, inhibits the renal damage and hepar as well as increase the number of lekosit and hemoglobin," he said.

He said, heksan extract of cumin seeds are also capable of losing 45-50 percent and lowering the incidence of nodules forming a 70-90 percent of the formation of adenocarcinomas of the rat induced mamae dimetilbenz a antracene.

In addition, activity and mechanism of extract of heksan antihematoksik imunomodulator cumin seeds are known to be able to increase the number of black lymphocytes of blood banks, increasing the number of lymphocytes, CD8 and CD4Th CD4CD25treg, increasing the weight of the spleen and the number of lymphocytes and lymphocyte activity in secreting IFNgamma.

According to him the black cumin seed the empirical basis have been used as a herbal medicine for the treatment of herbal ingredients that are able to treat a variety of disorders such as imunomodulator, antiviral, anti diabetic mellitus, anticancer, antiasma, and antiepileptic.

"The content of timokuinon, nigelon, and unsaturated fatty acids in the seeds of black cumin is the content of the alleged antioksidatif of chemo preventive in nature, and the imunomodulator," Akrom said.