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Insect Repellent Zodia Extracts

Insect repellent with chemicals can disrupt health if used in a prolonged period of time. In an effort to find an alternative, two sman 2 Holy Hayuningtyas Prihananti, Dian and the Holy Cahyaningtyas Ba'dzazani, make insect repellent from plant zodia (Evodia suaveolens).

Insect Repellent

Plants of the citrus-jerukan (Rutaceae) it is a plant endemic to Indonesia from Papua. Papua residents take advantage of the plant was to drive away mosquitoes in a way mengusapkan the juice of the leaves to zodia skin.

Now, the plants were spread throughout the archipelago. Many people plant the zodia on the home page or the room with potted as an ornamental plant or plant "mosquito repellent".

According to Dian, the mosquito became the everyday problems. Mosquitoes make sleep soundly and not be able to deploy a variety of diseases ranging from dengue fever, chikungunya, malaria, filariasis.

To cope, generally people use insect repellent made from chemicals. Be it insect repellent is sprayed, liquid medications, insect repellent oles, and insect repellent that was heated using solid electric heaters.

"Long, insect repellent made from chemicals can disrupt health because it contains pesticides," said Dian.

Referring to the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Research Watch in 2001, insect repellent that is circulating on the market contain chemical compounds that are harmful to human health, such as dikhlorvos (2.2-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate/DDVP), which can damage the nervous system, respiratory system, and interfere with the work of the heart. Other chemical compounds that are found are propoxur (carbamate). If inhaled or absorbed by the human body, the chemical compound that can obscure vision, causing dizziness, pain, head, as well as influential in the liver and reproductive system.

Set the concerns, Dian and sacred, grade XII IPA, makes research "Zodia heated Automatically Extract to eradicate Mosquitoes". The goal is simple, drive and eradicate mosquitoes with the tools and environment-friendly raw materials.

Raw material, plant zodia, taken from homes and schools page. Dian and sacred strives to extract the plant was combined with electric heaters.

Zodia leaves as many as 10 grams water 100 ml mixed and blended. The results are distilled using a flute to produce extracts of zodia.

Of used goods

Dian and sacred also make electric heaters use used items. The ingredients include milk cans, ropes, axes and bottles, transparent powder used drug combined with a 5 watt bulb, headlight switch, and a series of automatic (LDR).

Extract the zodia placed in transparent bottles connected with the axis of the rope is able to absorb the extract to the heater, zodia lamps placed in cans of milk.

"After being exposed to the heat, the extract would evaporate zodia. To remove odors, it extracts less mixed with cloves, "said Dian ever grabbed bronze in World Mathematics Team Championship 2011 in Beijing, China.


To prove the efficacy of insect repellent made from extracts of zodia, Dian and sacred test on two tubes contain mosquitoes. Within a day, mosquitoes in the tubes which were given insect repellent all dead. As for the tubes that were not given there were only two insect repellent mosquitoes who died within the next five days.

A companion teacher's scientific group of teens (KIR) Dwi Laksono says Purbo, zodia extract is not dangerous to human health because it does not contain toxins.

Refer to the Research Center for Spice and Medicinal Plant Research (Balittro) Ministry of agriculture, the oil is distilled from the leaves of the plant contains linalool zodia (46 percent) and a-pinene (13,26 percent). Linalool is known as mosquito repellent.