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Sugar Could Be A Wound Healer

Sugar may be used as an alternative healer of wounds. A small study conducted by nurses and doctors in the United Kingdom investigated the effects of sugar for the treatment of wounds which is a recipe of a family of hereditary, as reported by the BBC.

Sugar Could Be A Wound Healer

Moses Murandu, the guy who is the likely origin of Zimbabwe attended Birmingham University study says, his father using sugar bergranulasi to treat wounds. According to him, the sugar can prevent the addition of the number of bacteria on the site of the wound.

He found some success from a small study done in 35 hospitals in Birmingham. According to him, the study of the benefits of sugar need to be developed further.

A patient 62-year-old man named Alan Bayliss, must undergo amputation in the upper part of her right leg, as well as the removal of venous vessels having his left foot. Removal of venanya vessels cannot be healed as doctors predict before. Later, Murandu suggested to treat the wound with sugar.

"There has been a big change. The actual cuts are very deep and very big, as big as my fingers. When Moses first wrap my wounds with sugar, he was almost the whole pot using sugar, but two weeks later, he need only use four to five teaspoons, "he was quoted as saying the BBC.

Bayliss said he was very satisfied with the results, though at first he was hesitant.