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To detect Diseases of the nail

You enjoy caring for the nails? This might be a good habit to make your nails look beautiful and attractive. But don't get me wrong, not necessarily beautiful nails can mask the signs of health disorder on your body. In addition to beauty, it turns out the nails can also be an indicator of the health of your body.

Diseases of the nail

"Many health conditions that can be seen from the nail," said John Knox, the doctor of the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle.

The nail was unique because the indicator has partial transparency. The nails can even tell how long you were sick, because the finger nail takes six months to grow, and the big toe nail memnutuhkan time of one full year.

Knox menyatkan that even biting can be an indicator of mental health. "Patients who feel anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder tend to more often nail-biting them," said Knox.

Various diseases can be detected by looking at the change of your nails. Lung disease and lymphedema may cause yellow discoloration on nails. While the disease psoriasis can be seen there is a mushroom-like spots on the nail. The presence of a band, or a line on a fingernail, as well as a change in color, it can also indicate an illness.

It is important for You to pay attention to the health of your nails, but Knox also noted that not all the problems are nails an indication of health disorders of the body. It could be that there is some problem has a simple explanation: nails "Malnutrition will cause brittle nails, so does with aging, hand washing exaggeration, and a few other things."

What about your nails?