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Not Necessarily Sports Make Stump Muscles

Vigorous exercise, especially doing weight training, is regarded as the primary way to build muscle. But scientists said otherwise. Sport muscle formation is not necessarily successful on everyone.
Scientists from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, said, about a quarter of people cannot develop their muscles only through sport. Moreover, in terms of preventing slack the muscles due to the influence of the age.

"During this time the experts mentioned that slack the muscles along with the age of more caused due to lack of sports activities," said Jamie Timmons, a Professor of sport and the health system.

He explains, the sport does provide good benefits to some people, but also people who pretty much can't defend his power of practicing the sport only. Research conducted this link between Timmons find the sports and the aging process on the muscles.

In fact, a sport with a high-impact test could be counterproductive in some people. About 10 percent of people who regularly exercise thus experiencing hypertension and diabetes due to their exercise regimens.

Timmon said there is no one approach to measure that applies equally to all people. He explained that there are people who are healthier with just a focus on diet and sleep patterns.

The results of such research are indeed contrary to the 2011 study published in the journal Physicians and Sport medicine. In a study that linked between regular exercise and decrease the muscle tones in the elderly.