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Thousands Of Types Of Herbal Medicine Is Not Yet Supported For Scientific Data

Indonesia has thousands of types of medicinal herbs in traditional herbal-based potions/from various ethnic groups, but have not backed up the data and scientific information. Currently, there are 38 new herbal drugs terstandar and five-pharmacy, namely herbal remedy that could be prescribed a doctor.

"In the international exhibition of medicinal herbs and herbal medicines, who wanted to know the consumer is scientific data raw material," said President Director of PT Deltomed Laboratories Nyoto Sweens, Tuesday (7/2), in Jakarta, in a joint Deal signings Agency assessment and application of technology (BPPT).

Yet even though the tells, Nyoto terstandar, herbal medicine has benefits because it tested empirically. According to him, herbs often incorrectly understood as a drug that directly effective. "In fact, the function of medicinal herbs to prevent the onset of disease," said Nyoto.

Cooperation with BPPT, PT aims to escalate the produce herbal medicine terstandar. Nyoto say, is planned this year to produce herbal remedy terstandar to prevent heart disease.

Deputy Head of BPPT Technology of agro-industries and biotechnology Listyani Is saying, pushing herbal medicine manufacturer BPPT utilizing the results of scientific research in the form of formula terstandar herbal remedy.

"We are faced with the competition of herbal remedies, particularly with China. Collaboration with research institutes to become producer of strategic options, "said Listyani.

According to Listyani, a medicinal herb market opportunity big enough. But, many do not research and development.

Director of the Center for pharmaceutical and Medical technology, BPPT Bambang said Marwoto, exploitation of BPPT and PT Deltomed beginning on 5 September 2012. Cooperation for the utilization of research results in the form of synergy formula herbal medicinal products and utilization alert compound (compound marker). "Formula of herbs or herbal medicine different from medications that have a range of active compounds," said Bambang.

Bambang said, before entering the production scale for marketed products and compounds, formulas that alert so material cooperation with PT Deltomed kept secret. (NAW)