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Your Face Tells Your Health

An old adage says that your face says everything. In fact, if you say a lie can be detected from the face. However, it is not only the truth of the words or the personality of the course that can be detected from your face. The health condition of the body and Your mental state can be detected by looking at your face.

Face Tells Your Health

In fact, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have been using facial analysis as a diagnostic tool for centuries. By looking at specific areas on the face will be known to health and emotional condition of the internal organs of a person. If you experience skin disorders such as acne which appears in the same location on the face repeatedly then there are certain health issues that require more attention.

Face detection is not an absolute science, but it can help in directing You in maintaining health. This is the face that you have to see:

The cheek Middle

Your cheeks are associated with respiratory system, resulting in a mild rash could be an indication that your body is oxygen deficiency and you need to exercise to deepen your breath.

Hannah, an expert in The treatment of naturopathy ESPA spa Life in London suggests, "try everything that can improve your breathing, such as breathing exercises, meditation, or working out."

Avoid all smoked because it can result in damage to the capillaries of the color change and add fine lines in this area, such as those suffering from colds, asthma, or the flu. Red rash on the cheeks are exaggerated also the signs of rosacea affected. Coffee and alcohol consumption can make it grow red.

The Mouth
The mouth is related to the stomach. Your lips may indicate gastric and intestinal conditions, while the area around the mouth towards the jaw can indicate the condition of the colon. The presence of spots or discoloration around the lips can indicate diseases such as constipation, bloating, or lack of appetite.

Bleeding gums indicates an excess of stomach acid. While dry and flaky lips showed clear signs of dehydration you are exposed. When chapped and bloody may indicate the spleen do you need treatment. Add your intake of vitamin B and iron if you suffer from these signs.

The Chin touch with the kidneys and bladder. Hormonal imbalance can be seen on the face of it. Teens generally experience a hormonal imbalance so generally often arise in this part of acne. Or signs like blood clotting in the Chin could be signs that your kidneys are too tired to work, or you're too stress activity.

"This Area indicates the andrenal fatigue," said Means. "Telalu stress can cause the adrenal glands located on top of the kidneys are unable to secrete the hormone properly."

The middle of the forehead
This area is associated with multiple organs such as heart, small intestine and bladder. If this section is flushed and scaly, it could be that your digestive tract problems, and need lubrication. To help keep your good digestion, then subtract eating greasy food, processed meat, and dairy products while.

The area between the eyebrows
This section is related to the liver. Too much alcohol and other toxins mengonsumi seen in this section. In addition, this section also shows the emotional state of a person, because according to traditional Chinese medicine, liver is closely related to the anger. Therefore if you see signs on the area in between Your eyebrows, try to create instrospection your anger.